Heidi Klum is on vacation in Miami. Watch her use a hallway as a runway: ‘Date night’

Heidi Klum in da house!

The supermodel did what came naturally while on vacation in Miami Beach: she struck a pose.

On Instagram Wednesday, Klum strutted down the hallway of what appears to be the Soho Beach House Hotel.

The 49-year-old German native wears a tropical print bodycon in the video set to Saucy Santana’s “Walk.”

The cute clip was captioned “Date Night,” so we’re thinking the cameraman was husband, Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz, 32. The couple was spotted at the beach over the weekend.

Steamy South Florida in the summertime is the ideal time for Klum to visit.

Earlier this month on klum+stephen+colbert&view=detail&mid=9717B2CC17BF0042C0809717B2CC17BF0042C080&FORM=VIRE” data-ylk=”slk:“The Late Show With Stephen Colbert”” class=”link “>“The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” the Victoria’s Secret vet disclosed her superpower: she can control perspiration.

The TV personality who has starred in such hits as “Project Runway” and “America’s Got Talent” said that these incredible natural abilities have been honed after years and years spent in the makeup chair.

“I can make myself not sweat in the face,” she said to laughs. “Because I don’t want to have a shiny face.”

“What do you say to your face?” a shocked Colbert asked. “I need that skill.”

“I just tell myself not to sweat in the face!” the “Making the Cut” star said. “I guess it’s from modeling. [Makeup artists] come all the time and they will put that powder puff in your face 24/7.”

OK, Klum is human.

“I sweat everywhere, where you don’t see it. That’s my talent! It’s hidden, because I don’t show it.”

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