How Long Is ‘Stray’? Cat Adventure Chapters, Trophies, and Hours It Takes to Beat

One of the most highly-anticipated video games of the summer, Stray, has finally arrived on PlayStation and PC. Many fans are eager to dive into this unique adventure, which puts players in the role of a stray cat living in a futuristic, cyberpunk city. Stray already looks like a binge-worthy hit, but how long will that binge last? Here’s a guide to Stray game’s chapters, trophies, and how long it takes to beat.

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‘Stray’ | Annapurna Interactive

‘Stray’ game takes players on a cyberpunk journey as a stray cat

BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive’s Stray puts a twist on the classic adventure game formula by making its protagonist a cat. The four-legged feline gets separated from its family, and he must travel through a futuristic city and solve a mystery in order to find them. Along the way, the cat makes friends — and enemies — with robots, drones, and other creatures.

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