How to prepare for outages, travel impacts

MILWAUKEE — A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for most of Southeast Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Health Department wants to make sure residents are prepared to stay safe and warm.

Here in Milwaukee, the National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning beginning at 9 a.m. on Wednesday and ending at 12 p.m. Thursday.

Snow moves in beginning Tuesday night and will continue through early Wednesday. Most of southeastern Wisconsin will pick up less than 1″. Snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain will move into the area after 12 p.m. Wednesday. The heaviest precipitation will be Wednesday night with light snow and sleet showers continuing through midday Thursday. Widespread ice accumulation of around 1/2″ is possible and could cause dangerous driving conditions and potentially snap tree branches, leading to power outages.

Snow totals are expected to change as the storm approaches. The storm will also bring gusty winds with gusts near 45 mph.

In preparation for significant travel impacts and potential power outages, the Milwaukee Health Department has provided the following tips:

  • Prepare an emergency kit for your home and your car that includes:
    • Candles and matches
    • Hand-cranked or battery-operated flashlight and radio
    • Fully-charged cellular phone
    • Extra batteries and external chargers
    • Blankets or sleeping bags
    • Extra clothing
    • High-calorie non-perishable food
    • Extra food and water for pets
    • First aid kits and any medications you require
    • Tool kit
  • Ensure your vehicle’s fuel tank is at least half full and the battery is fully charged.
  • Charge all portable devices, cell phones, external chargers, and lanterns or flashlights ahead of time.
  • Heat your home with devices approved for indoor use, and ensure they are properly vented to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning or fires.
    • Never use wood-burning or coal-burning grills, camp stoves, or other outdoor devices indoors.
    • Remember to keep flammable materials such
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