The Best Beach Towels to Elevate Your Summer Vacation

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Rumpl/Standard Textile/Weezie

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Rumpl/Standard Textile/Weezie

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Going to the beach is probably my favorite way to spend each summer with the ocean breeze and sun being the perfect mix to help me relax. That being said, the last few times I have gone, I was cobbling together two small bath towels to serve as a makeshift beach towel after realizing I didn’t own a single one anymore. As a result, I got to work to find the best beach towels I could find.

A good beach towel has a number of quality features that set them apart from lesser options. A good beach towel has enough length to comfortably fit your body when you are out sunbathing, sturdy enough material to stand up to the elements and is still absorbent enough to dry you off after a quick plunge in the ocean—because no one wants to be covered in sand. here are tons of different designs and colors to choose from, ranging from classic stripe designs to abstract art. So, instead of sifting through hundreds of pages of beach towels (like I did), check out the list below of the best beach towels you can use all summer long.

Brooklinen Island Life Beach Towel

There are few options in the world that offer as many great bedding and bath linens as Brooklinen. More recently, Brooklinen released a line of beach towels with designs created by artists from New York City. Of these towels, my personal favorite is the Brooklinen Island Life Beach Towel. In addition to the unique, wavy design, the towel is made with a thick 600 GSM Terry material that is sturdier than traditional bath towels while maintaining absorbency. The towels come

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