Easy Ways To Find Hidden Cameras In A Hotel Room, Try Them The Next Time You’re Away From Home

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Homestays and hotels have eased the way we plan our travel. They are allowing us to visit quite difficult locations yet we can go there and live like a local. But the main issue going on is that the host of the Hotel set up a hidden camera in their guests’ rooms. This may lead to blackmailing and other issues. And to help you to be cautious about this we have found some ways to discover these hidden cameras.

1. Physical Inspection

With your detective skill try to figure out where the hidden cameras can be. Observe properly if something looks suspicious, or furniture, tv, or anything placed unusually, check every corner you think it could be. And be smart while doing this search.

2. Use Mobile Phone Flash Light

Almost all camera lenses, even the tiniest ones reflect light. So turn off your room’s light, turn on your phone’s flashlight, and check the place for any reflection. And if you figure out any reflection, dig out that area and find the spy cam.

3. Directly Find A Spy Camera

Well, you can buy a spy camera detector device. Simply just look for an RF signal indicator. Then, sweep the space with the detector and you can find it. This is a good product if you often travel to new places.

4. Disable Suspicious Device In Your Room

If you find any suspicious device in your room, you don’t know exactly what. So switch off that device and cover it up with everything that it doesn’t have.

5. Download An Application

Download an app that will monitor

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