Here are our 10 top hacks for keeping you and your young ones busy this July

Maintaining harmony in the home is important for a successful family dynamic, no matter how big or small your brood. From entertaining days out for the entire family to little gadgets that make parenting that little bit easier, here are Checklist‘s top tips for the entire family this July.

Bring your baby up boarding! 

Have you ever considered what sport your young one could grow up to excel at? You could always go the conventional route with football or netball, but why not try something a little different. Introducing the world’s first learner skateboard specifically designed for young children.

The Ookkie Skateboard, a 4-in-1 learner skateboard, features handles that  can be removed in stages as the child starts to gain confidence and skills. The last stage is your traditional skateboard so when they’re ready to skate freely, they can!

This is a learning tool that can last for years as your child progresses and the stages allow you to safely teach your child whilst still being in control. With an Ookkie Skateboard, you can help your young one develops balance, core strength and stability. There have been riders as young as 10 months old who’ve enjoyed their time on the Ookkie!

Every trainer board is super easy to set up: simply click the handles together, insert into the skateboard deck and you’re ready to roll! It’s also easy to take apart and pack down when preparing for a day at the park.

What makes this the ultimate training tool is that the height is adjustable for both child and parent. If you’re a tall parent, you can adjust the handle to be higher. Then the child’s handle can be adjusted as they grow.

Kick your family walks up a notch by helping your child learn to skate with their

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