Global Gentry: 50 Best Practices for the Refined and Well-Traveled – The Street

Nobody loves the penance of traveling, but you can make it go faster. Paul Theroux said, travel is only glamorous in retrospect.

1/ Never stay in a hotel for more than three days – even if you’re in the same city you should jump around — variety is the spice.

2/ If something bad happens to you with an airline – accept it. The information counter, the long hold time and the online form are a long dark hallway with a dead end.

3/ Double the valet fee and ask the driver to leave your car out front, as with all service people – introduce yourself, tell them stories, ask them about their lives and families. Getting the “welcome back” and extra service is always worth it.

4/ Amex is worth it, stop telling us about your Chase Sapphire, you’ll never be cool.

5/ Always book on Amex platinum – the hotels are better, you’ll get a late check out and not get ripped off by the scam that is American hotels check out by 11am and check in at 4pm. I can’t even have 22 hours?

6/ Make sure there’s an adult pool. Every kid pees in the pool, I did.

7/ Don’t be cheap, Clear, TSA pre and travel/trusted-traveler-programs/global-entry” onclick=”return phoenixTrackClickEvent(this, event);”Global Entry are all your friends trying to prevent you from another sinus infection, oh and another note – stop touching your face.

8/ If you find a good tip or secret, don’t tell anyone – that’s how it goes away. I told everyone about the secret valet behind the restaurant – now I can’t get my car parked, and have to walk in the front door with everyone else. Nothing you tell one other person is a secret.

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