Saints Row 2 cheats & how to use them – money, weapons, cars, weather

With the new Saints Row release date very close now, it’s a great time to revisit the classic games in this franchise, including Saints Row 2 which has loads of fun cheat codes for you.

Originally released in 2008 for PS3 and Xbox 360 (with a PC release following later), Saints Row 2 followed on directly from the first game in the series, with the player-character awakening from a coma and being thrust into a new adventure.

If you want to have some silly fun with Saints Row 2, the cheats in the game can help you do that. Or if you’re trying to replay the game in a hurry, these codes could definitely save you some time.

A quick warning before we get started, though: using cheats will stop you being able to earn trophies/achievements in that save. If that doesn’t put you off, keep on reading to learn more!

How to use cheats in Saints Row 2

To use cheats in Saints Row 2, there are two steps you need to follow on your in-game phone.

First, enter the relevant code (hashtag and number) onto your phone’s dialling pad and try to call it.

Next, head to the Cheats menu on your phone – the cheats you’ve ‘phoned’ can be found here, and you can select which one you want to activate.

Saints Row 2 cheats

If you’re looking to have some general fun, these Saints Row 2 cheats are good place to start:

  • #1 gives you full health – maxes out your health
  • #2 is Car Mass Hole – your car can smash through others
  • #3 is Milk Bones – makes melee attacks very powerful
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