The Moodie Davitt Report -The Moodie Davitt Report

CHINA. Welcome to the first edition of 穆迪达维特中国旅游零售报告 – The Moodie Davitt China Travel Retail Report, a digital magazine dedicated to our industry’s hottest market and to the travelling nationality that has dominated the travel retail sector for much of the 21st century.

The new digital title will be published in Chinese and English four times a year across multiple platforms. This launch first edition has been timed to coincide with the China International Consumer Products Expo (Hainan Expo) to be held in Haikou this week on 26-30 July.

The China Travel Retail Report complements The Moodie Davitt Report’s acclaimed coverage on our main website ( and on our popular WeChat Official Account launched in March 2021 – the latter now attracting almost 2,900 followers, a very encouraging number in a niche retail sector.

Each issue will be divided into distinct sections:

• Interviews 人物访谈
• Company profiles 企业介绍
• Data and analysis 数据与分析
• Brand highlights 品牌亮点

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In this launch edition we examine the background to June’s big news that China Tourism Group Duty Free Corp (China Tourism Group) – parent company of the world’s largest travel retailer, China Duty Free Group (CDFG) – had relaunched its application for a secondary listing on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

China Tourism Group – which is already listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange – had postponed its planned secondary listing in December 2021. That decision was linked to difficult capital market conditions driven by the COVID-19 factor and other factors. The decision to reapply is therefore of particular significance not just to CDFG but to the wider travel retail industry as it indicates a real confidence that the business climate, so hard hit by

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