A first look at Christian Louboutin’s hotel in Portugal, opening this April

The man behind the red sole trademark, Christian Louboutin will open a small boutique hotel in Portugal this April 1, 2023. Here’s a first look inside Vermelho.

Known for his iconic heels with fiery red soles, Christian Louboutin is heading out from the fashion realm into the hospitality scene with plans to open a boutique hotel in Portugal’s beach town, Melides. Literally translating to ‘red’ from Portuguese, Vermelho was named in association to the iconic colours of his brand.

vermelho–christianlouboutin-s-boutique-hotel-in-portugal”All About Vermelho, Christian Louboutin’s Boutique Hotel in Portugal

The three-storey hotel has only 13 rooms, and no two rooms are the same. Designed by Madalena Caiado, Vermelho features Northern African and European influences displayed amongst the inlaid wood flooring, custom mosaics, and colourful murals. Each of the rooms shines with vibrant colours and unique furniture pieces, whilst other facilities include a massage suite and a restaurant, Xtian.

Why Portugal, you may ask? As it turns out, the reason behind this new project is in regards to Christian Louboutin’s personal preference. The French-Egyptian designer, as nomadic as he is, came across the charming small town of Melides in the late 1980s, and bought a home and relocated his atelier there afterwards. When he decided to purchase another property in 2019, the town’s mayor encouraged him to convert it into a boutique hotel instead.

Louboutin also plans to open two more properties in the area by 2024.

Vermelho Hotel will open its doors on April 1, 2023. For more information, visit the website.

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