Hate packing for holidays? 7 TikTok hacks to try

The lead-up to a holiday can be rather stressful. While you should be getting excited about your upcoming trip, there’s usually work to finish off, jobs to sort at home, passports to locate, currency to collect, suncream to buy – and so much more.

Plus, if you’re someone who hates packing, you’ve probably left that to the last minute – and now you’re faced with working out how to fit 30 outfits (because you need options, OK?), nine pairs of shoes, three books, your laptop, and assorted chargers into your wheelie bag.

While it’s tempting to cram as much as your can into your suitcase, jump on top, yank the zip around and hope for the best, when you arrive at your destination you’ll likely end up with creased clothing, missing shoes, and lots of tangled wires.

This is where TikTok comes in handy. Organisation gurus on the video-sharing platform have tons of useful tips that will turn you into a packing pro, whether you’re off on a solo adventure or a family vacation.

Here are seven brilliant TikTok packing hacks every traveller needs to know about…

1. Use suitcase dividers

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An absolute must for a neat and tidy case, suitcase dividers come in all shapes and sizes.

Some packing gurus swear by mesh cubes, while others suggest ziplock or drawstring dust bags are just as effective.

2. Pack outfits together

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Are you the kind of fashion lover who meticulously plans all their holiday outfits way in advance?

Rather than grouping tops,

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