Why Airlines Are Struggling In The Era Of Digital Retail, And How They Can Get Back On Top

Executive and managing director at DRCT, the leading technology provider for airlines and travel companies. Expert in airline retail.

Canceled trips, postponed vacations and frustrated travelers sum up the past two years. The travel industry was hit hard when the world shut down in 2020. But how exactly has this closure affected airlines‘ technology strategy? Did they reconsider their use of outdated technology and consider transforming to evolve into customer-centric companies?

Business professionals anticipate that customer experience will be companies’ top priority for the next five years. Unfortunately, companies usually underrate how often users face poor experiences. In order to secure customer loyalty and avoid losing market share to more technically advanced companies, airline brands should follow constantly changing customer needs.

What has changed?

• Older adult customers refuse to get back to old habits. During the pandemic, older adults were forced to become more familiar with digital services. This older adult population, sometimes called Digital Seniors, will continue to grow and gain confidence online and consume more online content.

• Young customers expect more. Young people prioritize their happiness, comfort and products and services that enhance their sense of self. To improve brand perception, businesses need to create offerings that help consumers feel fulfilled and confident with their choice. Investing in technologies like artificial intelligence will increase the sophistication and personalization of a company’s offerings. Customers seeking products and services that align with their motivations and identity should stay at the core of the business strategy

• All customers are now digital, expecting fast content with no excuses. Content consumption has changed significantly in the past few years. In the U.K., people spent over six hours per day online or watching online streaming services in 2020, and there are similar statistics for other countries. Moreover,

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