6 Best Beaches For a Peaceful Vacation with Family

If you and your family share a common love for the beach, it can be the perfect spot for a peaceful family vacation. This is the perfect season to visit the beachside and enjoy the weather together with your family. Pack your bags and head out to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From San Francisco to Thailand- there are numerous beaches all over the world which are known for their crystal blue water and serenity. Here we have listed six such beaches where you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful vacation during this time of the year.

San Diego, California

San Diego is one of the best beaches to visit with kids. There are lots of fun activities to keep them busy and serene enough to spend some romantic time with their partner as well. the two-mile stretch of beach has many restaurants, and places to shower, and Belmont Park is also close by. This seaside amusement park will be the perfect destination for a fun day with kids and the entire family.

Phuket island, Thailand

If you are looking for a tropical location that gives ample family vacation opportunities, Phuket Island is the perfect place. It is located off the western coast of southern Thailand. Patong beach is the biggest stretch of the island and has plenty of shopping destinations and restaurants. Another very popular beach on this island is Nai Harn Beach. It is perfect for family trips as it is packed with various amenities within a walking distance from the beach. If you prefer a more peaceful and isolated place, Freedom Beach is the best where you can even go snorkeling.

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Hawaii coastline

Waikiki, Hawaii

Waikiki is not just one of the world-famous resorts and travel places but is also known for its

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How Eugene Levy came to host The Reluctant Traveller

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. But let’s be honest, you only need to look at Eugene Levy to know he’s not a guy who enjoys travel.

“Let’s start with airports,” he says, as our interview gets under way. “Take off your watch, your belt, your shoes, take out your laptop, take off that coat, take off the ring … then you’re watching your personal life rolling away from you in eight different, not the cleanest, bins in the world.”

Which makes Apple TV+’s decision to send him off as host of a global travel series a somewhat ambitious plan. At least they read the room before he left. The show is titled The Reluctant Traveller with Eugene Levy.

Levy is still going. “Now you’re on the plane and you know, you might get a good meal, you might not,” he continues. “And then you get to a place, and there’s a sightseeing agenda … five, six, seven, eight things in a day. I usually don’t find that the least bit enjoyable.

“The most frightening thing about this show, for me, was going on as myself because I’m not that person,” says Levy.

“The most frightening thing about this show, for me, was going on as myself because I’m not that person,” says Levy.Credit:AP

“I used to think, and still do, that the perfect vacation is one where you don’t have to think, you just perch by a pool, you have a nice cool drink, maybe a round of golf, and then where can we go for a good steak? I could do that every day. That’s relaxing.”

Which begs the question, why on earth is the Emmy, Grammy and SAG award-winning, travel-hating star of Schitt’s Creek, Best in Show and American Pie doing a travel show that will take him as

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6 Best Countries To Own Vacation Property

Colin D. Young / Shutterstock.com

Colin D. Young / Shutterstock.com

Opting to purchase a vacation property in another country has multiple advantages. Not only will you have a foreign getaway to use at your convenience, but you’ll also gain an asset that doesn’t have any tax-filing requirements in the U.S.

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Some countries, including Turkey, Greece and Portugal, will even grant you second citizenship if you own property there. Plus, there’s the possibility of renting out the property when you’re not using it to produce an additional stream of income.

To help you weigh your options, here are six of the best countries to own vacation properties. 

RomanBabakin / Getty Images/iStockphoto

RomanBabakin / Getty Images/iStockphoto


“Italy is a place where the tourists come and go every year and every day,”  said Matt Ward Realtor and team lead of The Matt Ward Group. “Most of the vacation rentals in the country remain booked mostly any time of the year. If you are planning to invest in vacation properties, this country would be one of the best places to start with. Any Americans legally can buy a vacation home in Italy with the right amount of money.”

In the major cities of the country, buying a property outside of the city center will be significantly cheaper than buying in the city center.

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tanukiphoto / Getty Images

tanukiphoto / Getty Images


“There’s no doubt about the fact that Greece is a popular tourist destination,” said Kurt Walker, real estate investor at Mill City Home Buyers. “So, it’s an ideal location for investors seeking to buy a vacation property. With picturesque views of unspoiled islands and clear blue waters

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