Backlash for dad’s dangerous Disney hack for son, too short for rides

Safe ride height: Influencer parents have been told their dangerous Disney hack was a misstep. Photo / Screenshot

Parenting Tiktokers have been given a rough ride over a ‘hack’ to help their son get onto Disney theme park roller coasters.

The Kelly Family have garnered over 1.2 million followed on TikTok for their videos on parenting advice, but heir latest clip has been deemed a rare “misstep.”

The Kelly Fam recently published a video claiming to show how they sneak their “thrill-seeking” 3-year-old Kannon onto park attractions,he is too short to ride.

“He loves rides, he’s just not tall enough for the big ones,” says dad Ty.


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Glueing extra-thick platforms to the bottom of their son’s shoes, the attempting to make him the required 40 inches (101 centimetres) minimum height.

In a full 6 minute feature shared to YouTube, titled “I made my TODDLER tall enough for THRILL RIDES at DISNEY”,  Ty and wife Hayley show how they successfully got their young son onto two rides with this minimum ride requirement.

The TikTok has now been seen almost half a million times.

“We’ve possibly discovered the ultimate theme park hack,” he proudly declares.


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Viewers of the clip were less thrilled with the stunt.

“Just like a canon, he will be yeeted out of his seat,” read one glib response to the video.

Generally the consensus was that the shoes were a “bad idea” and hubris to think that the rules didn’t apply to their children.

“I remember when my daughter wasn’t tall enough to ride things.. so we didn’t ride them.”

Many commentators were quick to point out that the rides’ “minimum safe height” was just that: a safety requirement.

Disney’s official guidelines outline the specific rules around each ride at their

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