The 8 Stories Every Hotel Must Tell Effectively in 2022

Travelers want to make sure their accommodations check off certain boxes. But decisions aren’t based merely on your hotel amenities. Instead, consumers make emotional choices that reflect their trip expectations.

Hotel stories told through visuals, and written content help travelers imagine lounging poolside or relaxing after a business meeting. They also provide reassurance about safety and convenience measures.

By tapping into the power of storytelling, you can invite travelers to make themselves at home or take care of business without leaving the hotel. Discover the stories your hotel should convey this year.

1. Comfort: Feeling at Home While Away From Home

Consumers crave experiences that emulate their homes, with comfy beds and extra blankets or pillows. They want to select their room’s layout and know it’ll fit every family member. But what about amenities travelers might forget when booking a room yet still require all the same?

These may include accessible outlets for personal devices, the ability to stream Netflix from the tv, or space for the kids to play with their Legos.

Help your audience visualize themselves in your hotel. Share images of families enjoying downtime in the room or a business traveler seated comfortably at their in-room workstation. Each story reflects how your hotel can be a visitors’ home or office on the go.

2. Safety: Enjoy Clean, Safe, and Sanitized Spaces

Hotel cleanliness has always been a concern for travelers. No one wants to read reviews about bed bugs or dirty bathrooms. Now, more than ever before, health and safety protocols are a priority for guests.

The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) reports that 62% of consumers place cleanliness as a top priority when choosing a hotel, up from 38% pre-COVID. So, health and safety is an important story to tell.

Ease guests’ minds about staffing

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