Quaker Valley School District to host tours of proposed high school site

Quaker Valley School District officials plan to host tours of a proposed high school site in Leet.

District director of facilities Charlie Gauthier will serve as the tour guide of the property at 210 Camp Meeting Road.

It is a walking tour. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes. It is also advised to bring water, bug spray and sunscreen depending on the weather.

The next two sessions are 9-10 a.m. on Aug. 2 and Aug. 11.

The tour, itself ,takes about 40 minutes with some time left over for questions.

District spokeswoman Angela Conigliaro said Quaker Valley offered site tours last summer. She said nothing at the site has changed since that time.

Previous tours were open to 20 people per session. That has been changed to 40 people per tour due to popular demand.

“We’ve had so many people express interest in the high school project, so we wanted to make sure they had a chance to see the property,” Conigliaro said. “It’s a beautiful site and has amazing views. The opportunities are endless, and we want people to see the possibilities of the future high school.”

The school district wants to build an estimated 167,000-square-foot facility on about 150 acres of land off Camp Meeting Road.

Project costs were estimated between $90 million and $100 million.

About 650 students would eventually be enrolled.

The project is in legal limbo as the district has appealed a Leet Zoning Hearing Board denial of its special exception application.

The board denied the application in February primarily due to district plans not having an emergency access road, one specifically for use by police, fire and EMS.

The district’s legal team claimed such a road would be better introduced as part of the land development approval process.

Quaker Valley’s 45-page appeal

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