Venice’s picturesque canals run dry due to low tides, Gondolas left abandoned

Dry spells in the Italian city of Venice washed away romantic plans of tourists wishing to witness the city while cruising through Venetian canals in boats. The rowing boats, commonly known as gondolas, have been left abandoned as little to no rain during the winter season resulted in water levels dropping in the city.

According to The New York Post, experts worry that the situation could result in another drought after last year’s emergency. Apart from low rainfall, factors like low tides, a full moon, and poor sea currents can be cited as the reasons behind the unfavourable situation.

Italy’s northern regions have also experienced record lows, so much to the point that one can reach the San Biagio island situated on a lake through an exposed path. “Nothing has changed since 2022,” Luca Mercalli, president of the Italian Meteorological Society, told The Guardian.

“We are still in a situation of deficit … let’s wait for the spring, which is usually the rainiest period for the Po valley. There is a good possibility that rainfall in April and May can compensate — it’s the last hope,” he said. “If we have no spring rain for two consecutive years, then it would be the first time this has ever happened,” he added.

Dry spell impacts hydroelectric power production

In regions like Lombardy and Piedmont, circumstances are even more challenging, according to Po basin authority president Alessandro Bratti. Bratti told The Guardian that the drought-like situations were also impacting the production of hydroelectric power.

“If you have no water, you cannot produce energy, so this is another problem. It is very critical because it hasn’t snowed or rained during this period and the forecast says it will stay this way,” Bratti said. The dry spell has not only left tourists disappointed, but

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