East of England Tourism Awards 2022-2023: Pub of the Year

2:00 PM July 26, 2022

The East of England Tourism Awards 2022-2023 are now open for entries. The Pub of the Year award, sponsored by Everard Cole, recognises pubs that make a significant contribution to tourism in their area, with a food and drink offering that includes quality, locally-sourced produce.  

“Every pub is unique, but we really want to look for those gems we talk about long after a visit,” said Gareth Hatton, associate director at Everard Cole. “Which one has the friendly and knowledgeable staff? Who took the time to tend to such a beautiful garden? Which place had the ideal location?”  

Gareth added that the pub industry has been hit hard the past couple of years – and with more challenging times ahead, he believes people have good reason to enter a pub for this award. 

“Pubs have been an integral part of British culture for hundreds of years. They are the social hub for many towns and villages,” he explained. “With pub numbers dwindling, there is no better time to support the trade than by recognising a memorable pub visit.”  

Gareth Hatton, associate director at Everard Cole

Gareth Hatton, associate director at Everard Cole

– Credit: Gareth Hatton

The best pubs, said Gareth, are those that help boost tourism in their local area. “Pubs are no longer a place to stop in for a quick drink,” he explained. “Today, pubs showcase an array of food, drinks and in many cases, notable letting rooms. They encourage us to stay and enjoy the atmosphere for longer, and this in turn aids in boosting a region’s tourism.”   

Gareth also reiterated the importance of a food and drinks menu that features locally-sourced produce. “One of the first things we like to do, when in an area not known to us, is to sample the

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