How Luxury Travel & Other Tourism Trends Changed Over the Pandemic

With travel restrictions becoming a thing of the past in the post-pandemic world, the desire for globetrotting has returned. In fact, since Oct 2022, The Travel Corporation (TTC) — the parent company of award-winning travel brands — has observed an increase in interest in luxury travel among travellers from Asia. 

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Tourism trends in the post-pandemic world

With this renewed desire, comes the natural question: What kinds of new travel experiences are travellers looking out for? 

There has been a “growing demand in premium, luxury tours,” expressed Nick Lim, CEO (Asia) of TTC. “Many [travellers] have [indicated the desire for] exclusive and immersive travel, [with travellers hoping] to dive deeper into a city’s culture and history [and to] engage with its community.” 

1. Luxury travel is on the rise

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Put simply, travellers are willing to spend more. “According to a recent survey of 500 wealthy travellers in APAC — by the International Luxury Travel Market in conjunction with affluent research specialist Altiant — almost half of the surveyed plan to spend more on holidays [now] than [on] pre-COVID trips.” 

To prove this, TTC witnessed that more than 70% of its sales leads were for their premium tour brands: Insight Vacations and Trafalgar. When you book luxury tours with Insight Vacations, for instance, you’re guaranteed “true comfort and style with premium five- and four-star hotels.” Also, tour groups are “small [with] customised coaches [that have] extra leg room.” 

2. Experiential, immersive experiences

Chief among the luxury travel experiences offered by Insight Vacations and Trafalgar is experiential, immersive tourism. That is to say, with “people willing to spend more time and money, [their holiday naturally focuses] on transformative

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Luxury Travel Takes Off Again | Family Living

(NewsUSA) – As the world reopens, savvy travelers want to make the most of every opportunity for unique and indulgent experiences.     

Today, seekers of luxury adventure travel may include singles, couples, retirees and families.     

Some people want to plan the ultimate destination wedding, others are looking for the ultimate golf outing.     

Whether they are celebrating a milestone event or just want to enjoy an unforgettable adventure, travelers have high expectations.     

Companies such as Adventure Travel 365 fill this niche by curating and selecting the top destinations, cultural experiences and adventures for their clients.     When seeking a top-notch travel service, look for features that will make your travel:     

• Easy. Booking with a company that specializes in luxury travel means that all you have to do is pack and go, knowing that your destinations have been selected, verified and approved by experts in the field.     

• Unique. The right luxury travel company has the resources to offer exclusive opportunities that fit your interests, whether it is extreme mountain sports, indulgent spas or whatever else you had in mind.     

• Incredible. Top-notch luxury travel companies have done their research and identified amazing experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.     

Adventure Travel 365 is a company created to meet the needs of modern adventure travelers. It provides clients with all the information needed to plan the ultimate luxury vacation. Its luxury adventure magazine, “Explore Luxury,” is published digitally each month, with a yearly print edition. The digital and print versions showcase stories and photos of the world’s most prestigious resorts, and hotels, along with a range of activities, spas and restaurants to suit any taste and appeal to any interest.     

The company’s 365 Excellence Award is given to only the top-tier travel destinations and signifies that its staff writers, editors

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