Travel To Malibug Beach For An Unforgettable Vacation Adventure With HILLARY THE LITTLE LADYBUG

Sometimes, summer vacations don’t go exactly as planned, and in the new children’s adventure, Hillary and Malibug Beach, Hillary the Little Ladybug is eagerly anticipating her family’s trip to Malibug Beach and goes to sleep dreaming of mermaids. Are the mermaids in her dreams a hint as to what awaits her at Malibug Beach?

Co-authored by William Dandurand, Elisabeth Revel and Mary Cohen, The Adventures of Hillary the Little Ladybug series explores climate change and other topics through stories aimed at young readers. All proceeds from sales of the “Ladybug” books benefit Mother Nature Festival Live Inc., which endeavors to stop harmful climate change.

In the latest story, strange things happen that alter everything for the ladybugs. A comet explodes, and the green glow causes mutations among them. Hillary sees mermaids and vampires. The vampires try to bite Hillary and turn her into a vampire.

The King orders all castle workers back to the castle, and the family must leave their vacation early. Hillary ends up back home in her bed but has strange dreams. Oh well, tomorrow will be another day. Hillary says her night prayers with her mom and falls into a restful sleep.

Some familiar figures have appeared in the Hillary the Ladybug series, such as Bigfoot, Tiny Tim and the King. Hillary’s own name sounds a bit like a famous person who has expressed concerns about climate change.

The series features original illustrations, photography and playfully educational storylines to tell adventurous children’s tales from the perspective of a precocious ladybug.

A team of authors and illustrators have collaborated on this 16-book series, including Mary Cohen, Elisabeth Revel, Gary Revel, Naomi Kiber and William Dandurand, whose grandfather, Ray Lowe, worked for Disney.

In previous episodes of the Hillary the Ladybug saga, our heroine has solved the mystery

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