Tragicomic Adventure Backfirewall_ Headed To Nintendo Switch

All In! Games and Naraven Games have announced that Backfirewall_ will release on Nintendo Switch “later this year.”

Given an elevator pitch as “a tragicomic adventure with the sassy self-aware Operating System, OS9,” which is faced with being replaced by the far-better-optimized OS10.

You are an Update Assistant, who, tasked by the ominous Update Protocol to update the phone’s operating system, discovers that the buggy old OS9 is desperate to avoid removal and therefore has other plans for you.

“We want players to feel like they’re playing inside a Pixar movie while also reflecting on the rather mindless way in which we interact with our everyday digital devices,” explains Naraven Games creative director Julia Jean. “If you think twice before you update your phone after playing Backfirewall_, our job is done!”

All In! Games head of marketing Raul Nieto adds: “Backfirewall_ is a really unique and refreshing approach to a narrative adventure and we are excited to bring such a fun and wholesome experience that everyone can relate to. Naraven Games have tapped into something with real originality that addresses our everyday connectivity on algorithmic digital platforms and our recurring relationship to our smartphones.”

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Clever puzzles: Review terminal errors in RAM, party in the Speakers’ exclusive nightclub, navigate through the Wi-Fi bureaucracy, and explore other areas of a smartphone.
  • Cheat-codes to manipulate the environment: Hunt down or create bugs, trim binary trees, master music-controlled platforms, collect errors, and delete data using special cheat-codes.
  • A variety of app-characters: Gossip with quirky pieces of software—the sassy Photos, the insecure Social Media F, or the neglected Health, among others—and uncover their distinct side stories.
  • Numerous collectibles: Collect emails scattered about to discover a parallel story of the mysterious phone User.
  • Unproductive and useless
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