Best hacks for getting good sleep on a plane

When you block out all the light, it helps, create an optimal environment for your body to relax and naturally fall into a deep and peaceful slumber.

Sleep masks can also help the mind and body to relax by giving you a sense of privacy and forcing your eyes to stop straining – especially after reading or watching a movie on the plane’s screen. 

Neck pillows

Neck pillows are one of the most popular ways to catch up on rest during a long-haul flight, with one major benefit being comfort and support. 

By supporting your neck, these pillows help you avoid neck pain and stiffness from sleeping in awkward positions, and can even reduce your stress and fatigue as it helps you to relax and get better rest. They are also a great way to reduce snoring with the neck support preventing your airway from obstruction. 

When looking for the perfect neck pillow for your next trip, be sure to consider the following:

  • What type of neck pillow are you looking for; inflatable, microbead, or memory foam?
  • Depending on kind of sleeper you are, will determine the level of neck support you need
  • What material is the neck pillow made of; are you looking for something that is a little warmer, such as fleece, or smooth plastics and cotton?

Compression socks 

Sitting on a plane for long periods of time can cause a lot of discomfort and fatigue to your legs, potentially preventing you from being able to sleep well from the resulting aches and pains. 

Compression socks can help minimise the discomfort caused by long periods of sitting by improving blood circulation and reducing swelling, resulting in more comfortable sleep

There are a few different types of compression socks available, so be sure to shop around and find

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