Top 10 Productivity Hacks “Experts” Get Wrong

Productivity is the holy grail of achievement. Social media abounds with so-called productivity experts waxing poetic about everything you must do to maximize productivity. 

Most don’t tell you they’re making money by selling their “one true way.” Many of the productivity experts on social media aren’t experts at all. They find a method that works for them and try to sell everyone on it, even if it’s not a one-size-fits-all hack. 

Here’s the truth about some of the top hacks self-proclaimed productivity experts insist work. 

Wake Up at 5 Am

Waking up at 5 Am is a productivity boon – for morning people.  The truth is only some people do their best work early in the morning. 

Some of us are night owls who work best after midnight, while others get fantastic bursts of creativity mid-afternoon. 

Instead of listening to productivity experts, listen to yourself. Discover when your body is most energized, most creative, and needs rest. Develop your morning routine based on that, not on what others tell you that you should be doing. 

Take a Cold Shower

Studies have shown links between cold showers and wellness. Proponents of cold showering say it improves focus and determination, which can help productivity. 

However, opting for a warm shower is not the one thing holding you back in life. It’s okay to enjoy simple pleasures, like hot running water, and there are other methods of improving focus. 

Cold showers help some, but they aren’t required for a productive life. 

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Constant Hustle

Productivity experts seem to think everyone should be working 15 hours daily, and if you aren’t,  you’re doing it wrong. 

Life is for living. We want to be productive to relax, and enjoy

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