The Best PlayStation VR2 games in 2023

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 is here. If you have a PS5 and can plonk down an additional £530 on the new VR headset and controllers, a whole new exciting world of VR awaits. But what are the best PS VR2 games you can buy? Is there a must-buy game?

Is PS VR2 worth £530?

Are any of those lesser-known titles actually the gems in the line-up? Even early on in VR2’s life there are a lot of games to scan through, so consult the list below to guarantee you’re buying the best PlayStation VR2 games.

Best PS VR2 Games

All systems have a fair bit of crud to avoid as you navigate through the available games, and PS VR2 is no different.

The good news is that this list of PlayStation VR2 games is certified (by VG247) as 100% bangers. These games have all been played on actual VR2 hardware, so you can trust what we say. No games make this recommendations list unless we’ve tested them thoroughly.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

While not the overall best game available for PS VR2, Horizon Call of the Mountain is currently the showpiece title that must be played for the dazzling visuals, alone. That sounds a bit mean on the game itself, which is still a good example of interactivity inside a virtual reality world, but the campaign does start to drag a little with its heavy emphasis on climbing and rather dull conversations with NPCs (that admittedly do look incredible).

Artwork from Horizon Call of the Mountain
Horizon Call of the Mountain is breathtakingly beautiful.

Gran Turismo 7 (via free update to PS5 version of GT7)

I wish the entire interface for Gran Turismo 7 had been designed around VR2 headset use, instead of simply throwing the big screen up until you’re in a car racing, but

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