Early morning fire at Bird-in-Hand hotel displaces guests, results in injuries [update] | Local News

Downingtown couple Robert and Kathleen DeCarli were asleep in their room at AmishView Inn & Suites early Thursday morning when the fire alarms went off. 

When Robert DeCarli opened the door, he saw the hallway filled with black smoke and fire in the hotel’s concession room. He quickly blocked the bottom of his room’s door with pillows and opened the room’s window for air until firefighters arrived. 

Firefighters responded at 2:40 a.m. to the Leacock Township hotel at 3125 Old Philadelphia Pike, according to a dispatcher with Lancaster County-Wide Communications. The hotel is between Bird in Hand and Intercourse. Firefighters broke the window of the DeCarlis’ room, enabling them to climb to the ground on a ladder. 

“We love this place,” Robert DeCarli said. “This is the best hotel.” 

Kathy and Lou Rainero, a couple from Staten Island, New York, were also staying at the hotel when the fire started. Like RobertDeCarli, Lou Rainero opened his door to see what happened and stepped into the hallway. He said he was met with a black smog that stained his clothes. 

He and Kathy Rainero were able to escape out of a side entrance. Both the DeCarlis and Raineros reported seeing firefighters bring the remains of a melted vending machine into the front lawn of the hotel. 

It took firefighters about 30 minutes to get the fire under control, according to Steve Dienner, chief of Intercourse Fire Company, adding that about 100 emergency personnel and 10 fire companies responded. He said the fire originated in a vending machine or ice machine, but officials are still investigating. 

Dienner said two guests were taken to a local hospital – one for smoke inhalation, and the other for an injury after falling 15 feet and potentially suffering

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British man found dead in hotel after an ‘erotic game gone wrong’ | World | News

But officers have not ruled out foul play, according to local news reports in Florence.

The man, 40, was found dead in his £350-a-night room at the four-star Continentale, where previous guests have included Prince Charles and Tony Blair.

A British woman bel­­ieved to be his partner was covered in cuts and bruises. She had asked a chambermaid for help.

It is understood the man may have suffered a seizure or heart attack but this has not been officially confirmed.

Paramedics were sent to the hotel but the man was pronounced dead. The woman, 43, was taken to the city’s Careggi Hospital where she is said to be in a serious but stable condition after undergoing surgery.

The couple, reportedly estate agents from Manchester, arrived at the hotel on Friday. Travel guides describe the Continentale as “playfully chic” and being popular with people wanting a romantic break.

A police source said: “The people involved are both British and at the moment we are working on two theories, an erotic game that went wrong or some sort of domestic argument.

“But the general direction is that of an erotic game.

“The man was found with a series of cuts, bruises and other injuries on his body and so was the woman.

“There is blood in the room and the forensic teams are working there at the moment while the woman has been taken to hospital for treatment. We hope to question her at some point in the next few hours.”

Other guests are understood to have called reception after allegedly hearing shouting and banging coming from the room.

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Easy Ways To Find Hidden Cameras In A Hotel Room, Try Them The Next Time You’re Away From Home

” class=”lazy img-responsive” data-src=”https://www.iwmbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/easy-ways-to-find-hiddencameras-in-a-hotel-room-try-them-the-next-time-youre-away-from-home-920×518.jpg” width=”920″ height=”518″ alt=”Easy Ways To Find Hidden Cameras In A Hotel Room, Try Them The Next Time You’re Away From Home” />

Homestays and hotels have eased the way we plan our travel. They are allowing us to visit quite difficult locations yet we can go there and live like a local. But the main issue going on is that the host of the Hotel set up a hidden camera in their guests’ rooms. This may lead to blackmailing and other issues. And to help you to be cautious about this we have found some ways to discover these hidden cameras.

1. Physical Inspection

With your detective skill try to figure out where the hidden cameras can be. Observe properly if something looks suspicious, or furniture, tv, or anything placed unusually, check every corner you think it could be. And be smart while doing this search.

2. Use Mobile Phone Flash Light

Almost all camera lenses, even the tiniest ones reflect light. So turn off your room’s light, turn on your phone’s flashlight, and check the place for any reflection. And if you figure out any reflection, dig out that area and find the spy cam.

3. Directly Find A Spy Camera

Well, you can buy a spy camera detector device. Simply just look for an RF signal indicator. Then, sweep the space with the detector and you can find it. This is a good product if you often travel to new places.

4. Disable Suspicious Device In Your Room

If you find any suspicious device in your room, you don’t know exactly what. So switch off that device and cover it up with everything that it doesn’t have.

5. Download An Application

Download an app that will monitor

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Try these hacks for a comfortable stay at any hotel

Try these hacks for a comfortable stay at any hotel

Jul 21, 2022, 05:19 pm
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Try these hacks for a comfortable stay at any hotel
With these accommodation hacks, you can get the best out of any lodging site during your travel

A huge part of your traveling experience depends on the mode of accommodation you choose.

While you may not spend much time indoors, if you’re into outdoor travel and adventure, you will still need a room to crash in and relax.

Here are a few tips and hacks that can help you pick the best accommodations and enjoy a comfortable stay.

If you’re traveling solo, it’s always better to stay at hostels instead of hotels to save money and catch up with fellow travelers.

If you wish to have an entire room to yourself, you could book a private room at a hostel. This is a suitable option even for couples traveling together.

You can get the best of both worlds this way.

How to pick a suitable hotel room

Lowers floors of any accommodation have some pros like in case of emergencies you get to leave earlier than those residing on higher floors.

You’ll also save time and energy without having to climb too many steps.

However, the problem with lower floors is that they’ll be noisy and more crowded.

Avoid rooms above swimming pools, for the foul smell of chlorine.

Try these simple techniques for an easy stay

If you need to go in and out of your room frequently, use a rubber band tied across both handles to keep the latch from locking you out.

If you’re unsure of the water quality, boil it in the kettle, cool, and then fill your bottle.

Use the hospital fold on the mattress to store the TV remote and avoid losing it.

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The 8 Stories Every Hotel Must Tell Effectively in 2022

Travelers want to make sure their accommodations check off certain boxes. But decisions aren’t based merely on your hotel amenities. Instead, consumers make emotional choices that reflect their trip expectations.

Hotel stories told through visuals, and written content help travelers imagine lounging poolside or relaxing after a business meeting. They also provide reassurance about safety and convenience measures.

By tapping into the power of storytelling, you can invite travelers to make themselves at home or take care of business without leaving the hotel. Discover the stories your hotel should convey this year.

1. Comfort: Feeling at Home While Away From Home

Consumers crave experiences that emulate their homes, with comfy beds and extra blankets or pillows. They want to select their room’s layout and know it’ll fit every family member. But what about amenities travelers might forget when booking a room yet still require all the same?

These may include accessible outlets for personal devices, the ability to stream Netflix from the tv, or space for the kids to play with their Legos.

Help your audience visualize themselves in your hotel. Share images of families enjoying downtime in the room or a business traveler seated comfortably at their in-room workstation. Each story reflects how your hotel can be a visitors’ home or office on the go.

2. Safety: Enjoy Clean, Safe, and Sanitized Spaces

Hotel cleanliness has always been a concern for travelers. No one wants to read reviews about bed bugs or dirty bathrooms. Now, more than ever before, health and safety protocols are a priority for guests.

The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) reports that 62% of consumers place cleanliness as a top priority when choosing a hotel, up from 38% pre-COVID. So, health and safety is an important story to tell.

Ease guests’ minds about staffing

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How to get a hotel room cheaper than the best price online

Here’s my spending philosophy: If you can get something a bit cheaper, it’s worth a little effort.

Of course, I like tools that do the hard work for me, too. Tap or click for an online shopping helper to find discounts that work.

There are digital tricks that can make travel easier, safer and more affordable, too. Tap or click for five smart tech tips you should read before you hit the road this summer.

When saving on hotel rooms, the sites that claim to have the best possible deal aren’t always the way to go. Sometimes, you can do better on your own. My son just used the tips below to get a hotel room for $80 cheaper than the lowest price online.

Don’t book through a travel site

When you’re looking for a hotel, travel discount sites like Kayak, Expedia or Hotels.com are good places to start — but don’t book there. Once you find the lowest available price at the hotel you want to visit, call the hotel’s reservation desk.

Many hotels will meet or beat the best internet rate when you book with them. They’d much rather skip the commission to the travel site and book your stay directly. The hotel might even throw in a free upgrade like a nicer room or complimentary breakfast.

If you’re not having any luck with the first person who answers, respectfully ask to speak to the sales manager.

This is the best time to book a hotel room

If it’s feasible, wait until the day you need the hotel room to book it. The later in the day, the better. After 4 p.m., hotels know the odds of selling a room are pretty slim, so you’re more likely to get an even lower rate. On average, the

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