6 Best Beaches For a Peaceful Vacation with Family

If you and your family share a common love for the beach, it can be the perfect spot for a peaceful family vacation. This is the perfect season to visit the beachside and enjoy the weather together with your family. Pack your bags and head out to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From San Francisco to Thailand- there are numerous beaches all over the world which are known for their crystal blue water and serenity. Here we have listed six such beaches where you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful vacation during this time of the year.

San Diego, California

San Diego is one of the best beaches to visit with kids. There are lots of fun activities to keep them busy and serene enough to spend some romantic time with their partner as well. the two-mile stretch of beach has many restaurants, and places to shower, and Belmont Park is also close by. This seaside amusement park will be the perfect destination for a fun day with kids and the entire family.

Phuket island, Thailand

If you are looking for a tropical location that gives ample family vacation opportunities, Phuket Island is the perfect place. It is located off the western coast of southern Thailand. Patong beach is the biggest stretch of the island and has plenty of shopping destinations and restaurants. Another very popular beach on this island is Nai Harn Beach. It is perfect for family trips as it is packed with various amenities within a walking distance from the beach. If you prefer a more peaceful and isolated place, Freedom Beach is the best where you can even go snorkeling.

Crowdsourced Eco-Volunteers Team Up Online to Save Hawaii's Forests
Hawaii coastline

Waikiki, Hawaii

Waikiki is not just one of the world-famous resorts and travel places but is also known for its

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Hotels.com Seeks Candidates For ‘Retro Beach Motelier’ Job

In a new campaign to reinvigorate the nostalgia of America’s surf culture, while also promoting beach stays, Hotels.com is hiring their first-ever “Retro Beach Motelier.”

This job will require the chosen motelier to spend their summer of 2022 traveling to the best retro beach motels in the United States, from coast to coast.

It comes with a $10,000 travel stipend and itinerary that includes stays at properties, including The Pearl Hotel in San Diego and Vagabond Hotel in Miami.

The search for our Retro Beach Motelier started as a way to highlight highly-rated two and three-star beach motels that are just as amazing as the resorts travelers flock to on their beach trips,” said Hotels.com spokesperson Melissa Dohmen, in a media statement. “What also makes these beach motels ripe for this busy summer travel season is that they’re budget-friendly and guests can often find freebies like parking and breakfast.”

While on the job, the hiree will also go back in time, in terms of technology. The Retro Beach Motelier will have to put the smartphone aside and adapt to analog equipment to get the job done old school.

Their tasks will involve documenting their travels not on the ‘Gram or TikTok but more so with a classic Polaroid camera. The Motelier will also get summer office supplies such as high SPF zinc sunscreen, striped umbrellas, vintage sunnies (aka sunglasses), a cooler and a solar-powered AM/FM radio.

The Motelier won’t be completely alone on assignment, as this new hire can bring a plus one along for the ride.

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Hotels.com is searching for a Retro Beach Motelier to time-hop to the best coastal gems in the USA

The gig comes with a $10K travel stipend to visit classic beachside motels coast to coast, a $5K “salary” and old-school seaside accessories

DALLAS, July 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Infinity pools, cabanas and DJ party sets may give you modern beach baller status, but do you ever crave just plain beach balls and unplugged fun in the sun? If your idea of a perfect somewhere is a blast from the past beachside paradise unchanged by the modern world, Hotels.com has the gig for you as the “Retro Beach Motelier.” 

Cambria Beach Lodge in Cambria, California.

Your Job? Travel Back in Time
The Hotels.com Retro Beach Motelier1 will receive a $10,000 stipend to spend the rest of summer traveling back in time to the best retro beach motels across the USA. The suggested itinerary includes cozy coastal gems dripping in nostalgia, like The Pearl Hotel in San Diego and Vagabond Hotel in Miami. And because no one can apply sunscreen solo, a guest of their choice will join them on this bicoastal beach hop.

Instead of spending vacation scrolling their smartphone and listening to podcasts by the pool, our Motelier will indulge in offline activities, like documenting the trip “for future generations.” And we’re not talking on the gram, but with a classic polaroid camera (instant film and camera provided). The IRL photo album of the trip may even appear on Hotels.com – because pics, or it didn’t happen.

The Hotels.com Retro Beach Motelier will also be armed with old-school seaside accessories to help them unplug and unwind, including high SPF zinc, striped umbrellas, vintage sunnies, a cooler for beachside beverages, and a solar-powered AM/FM radio. Plus, we’ll award them a $5,000 “salary” to spend on beachside snacks their grandparents would approve of: frozen custard, salt water taffy and snow cones.


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COVID hotel closures left dozens of San Diegans without housing

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the county of San Diego temporarily housed people with pre-existing medical conditions who were in need of a safe place to shelter at hotels managed by Equus Workforce Solutions. At the start of 2022 the county began to wind the program down. County staff and contractors who were running the hotel were supposed to help guests find permanent housing before they had to leave, but in the final weeks of the program dozens of guests at the hotels were still without a place to live. According to San Diego County, in total, 115 guests left the hotel program into permanent housing. 61 left with a bed at a shelter and six went into other programs. Seventy “self resolved” to unspecified locations.

Starting in 2021, inewsource photojournalist Zoë Meyers followed guests as they left the hotel and as they looked for permanent housing. She witnessed some of the obstacles that keep people from getting into housing and also what helped. She saw the stability that a permanent home can bring someone and also the cycle of instability that can result without one. As San Diego attempts to help a growing community of people experiencing homelessness this intimate look into the lives of those seeking homes can help us move in a more informed way toward solutions.

Coming next week: San Diego County spent more money on security guards than on food for residents quarantined at the Crowne Plaza hotel, and two food vendors had recent health violations, an inewsource investigation found.



Zoë Meyers

Susan Hauck reaches for her walker in her hotel room in San Diego, June 9, 2022.

Susan Hauck is one of a small number of residents who was given a new hotel voucher after the county’s hotel sheltering program ended.

She became unhoused

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