How Withings is Hoping to Unlock the Potential of Urinalysis

AZoSensors speaks with a representative from Withings about their newly unveiled product U-Scan, which hopes to provide users with regular insights into their health by detecting biomarkers in their urine.

Please could you introduce yourself and tell us about your current position at Withings?

My name is Julius Dewavrin; I am a Product Manager at Withings, leading the team responsible for the U-Scan product.

Who is Withings, and what are its core aims?

Withings, founded in 2008, is a pioneer in home health monitoring and the inventor of the first smart scale. Our mission has always been to create breakthrough technology that people love to make better health a part of daily life.

Withings has identified a new wealthy source of data for health which is: urine. After four years of development, Withings is proud to announce this new breakthrough innovation in line with our company’s vision.

Urine samples can offer insight into an individual’s health and are often the first step to diagnosis; why are they significant to health monitoring?

Urine is produced by the kidneys, which regulate the amount of water in the body and filter the blood, removing wastes and extra water to make urine. Indeed, we identified that urine is an extraordinary witness to assess and monitor one’s health.

With more than 3000 components, it reflects your dietary intake and can help diagnose and monitor certain diseases, such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, kidney stone, Urinary tract infection, liver disease and more. It also signals important events such as ovulation for women.

Also, it is an available biofluid that can be analyzed at home, much more accessible than blood tests, and its collection can be non-invasive. Despite the fact that a healthy adult urinates around seven times a day, urine analysis is only performed once a

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