is searching for a Retro Beach Motelier to time-hop to the best coastal gems in the USA

The gig comes with a $10K travel stipend to visit classic beachside motels coast to coast, a $5K “salary” and old-school seaside accessories

DALLAS, July 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Infinity pools, cabanas and DJ party sets may give you modern beach baller status, but do you ever crave just plain beach balls and unplugged fun in the sun? If your idea of a perfect somewhere is a blast from the past beachside paradise unchanged by the modern world, has the gig for you as the “Retro Beach Motelier.” 

Cambria Beach Lodge in Cambria, California.

Your Job? Travel Back in Time
The Retro Beach Motelier1 will receive a $10,000 stipend to spend the rest of summer traveling back in time to the best retro beach motels across the USA. The suggested itinerary includes cozy coastal gems dripping in nostalgia, like The Pearl Hotel in San Diego and Vagabond Hotel in Miami. And because no one can apply sunscreen solo, a guest of their choice will join them on this bicoastal beach hop.

Instead of spending vacation scrolling their smartphone and listening to podcasts by the pool, our Motelier will indulge in offline activities, like documenting the trip “for future generations.” And we’re not talking on the gram, but with a classic polaroid camera (instant film and camera provided). The IRL photo album of the trip may even appear on – because pics, or it didn’t happen.

The Retro Beach Motelier will also be armed with old-school seaside accessories to help them unplug and unwind, including high SPF zinc, striped umbrellas, vintage sunnies, a cooler for beachside beverages, and a solar-powered AM/FM radio. Plus, we’ll award them a $5,000 “salary” to spend on beachside snacks their grandparents would approve of: frozen custard, salt water taffy and snow cones.


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