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Here’s a good reason to visit Taiwan in 2023: A NT$5,000, or S$220, incentive that the government announced that it will be handing out to international travellers.

500,000 eligible travellers

Some 500,000 lucky travellers will benefit from the NT$5.3 billion package that Taiwanese officials have set aside to boost tourism, Minister of Transportation and Communications Wang Kwo-tsai announced on Feb. 22, according to TVBS.

Taiwan hopes to draw in as many as six million foreign visitors annually since it lifted its borders.

As part of its strategy to speed up the recovery of its tourism sector, officials are giving NT$5,000, or S$220, to each international traveller.

Additionally, travel agencies can expect to receive NT$10,000 or NT$20,000 (S$440 to S$880) in subsidies for every tour group that they bring into Taiwan.

Part of NT$380 billion post-pandemic stimulus bill

However, further details of the initiative are scant at the time of writing.

According to Taipei Times, international travellers will be receiving the NT$5,000 in vouchers, while Taiwan News reported that the sum will be handed out in cash instead.

Quoting a statement from officials, taiwan-will-give-tourists-perks-worth-165-each-to-boost-economy”>Bloomberg reported that the money may be handed out electronically or as discounts for accommodation.

There is also no information on how foreign visitors can qualify and be selected for the incentives.

The tourism package is part of Taiwan’s broader NT$380 billion post-pandemic stimulus bill, which was passed on Feb. 21, as reported by Taipei Times.

Officials are expected to release more details in the future.

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